Wrought Iron Security Doors

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Wrought Iron Security Doors

There are a wide variety of wrought iron security doors available for those shoppers who want something traditional. These doors contain a strong metal border of 1-2 attached to a metal screen. This metal screen allows those inside the house to see out, but stops anyone from getting inside. On top of this metal screen is a design or pattern made out of wrought iron pieces twisted and bent together. The following wrought iron security doors are the best ones offered by the Reed Brothers.

The Regency was made for those that want something functional while caring little about aesthetics. The outside edge of the door has 3 barrel hinges to attach it to the door frame and 1-3/4 metal border. In addition it has five 3/4 metal tubes hanging top to bottom and three 3/4 metal tubes moving side to side for protection. A small floral design sits in the middle of this metal security door.

The Madrid white wrought iron security door is considered a deluxe model due to the intricate scrollwork in the middle. Four barrel hinges keep the door upright, while two one inch horizontal rails on either side protect against vandalism. Weather stripping on the edges of the door ensure that the weather stays out and that rain or snow wont damage the door frame. The security door also features 1/2 metal tubes to make the design. Additionally this door comes on its own 1-1/4 inch doorframe so shoppers can take it right from the store to their home and have it ready to use.

The Imperial metal security door has 1/2 metal tubes running from side to side and top to bottom for security purposes. Inside these tubes are smaller pieces of metal curved and molded to create a traditional scrolled design. The Imperial has four barrel hinges on the right side that make it swing open effortlessly and 24 gauge perforated metal ensures that it lasts for years to come. In addition it comes with its own doorframe so it can easily be added to any home.

Those who are left handed should look to the Granada wrought iron security door. This door has two castings so it can be hung to swing open to the left or the right, depending on the needs of the homeowner. Included is an attached door frame for easy installation and four barrel hinges that can be added to either side of the door. Square tubing running in the 1/2 size provide security, while a delicate scroll pattern in the middle draws the eye.

Also for those who need a left handed specialty door is the white wrought iron door called the Clarion. This customizable door can be ordered for left handed users or right handed users. The door isnt interchangeable, but will be changed prior to shipping. The design is made of 5/8 metal tubes bent and curved to create a large oval pattern. An attached door frame measures 1-1/4, with a 1 inch doorframe around the inside. It also comes with four barrel hinges and weather stripping.

Another option is the Carolina because its referred to as nonhanded, meaning it can be hung in either direction. Prior to being hung, the homeowner needs to decide if they want it to swing open to the left or the right. Two 5/8 metal tubes run from the top to the bottom and four tubes of the same length run from side to side. Weather stripping protects against the elements, while high grade metal and four barrel hinges add to the sturdiness. A one inch thick by three inch wide metal piece runs around the entire doorframe and adds even more protection.

Simple is the word that comes to mind when examining the Barcelona metal security door. This door features 1/2 metal pieces entwined to create floral motif in the center of stronger and thicker rows of metal. Its nonhanded, meaning that it can be hung on either the left side of the door or the right side of the door. An attached door frame, four barrel hinges and a one inch metal border all add security to the door.

The previous examples of wrought iron security doors from the Reed Brothers provide security while also incorporating a design. Some of their designs are quite traditional, while others are a little more cheerful in appearance. Many of their doors are available from places like Lowes and other hardware stores, but shoppers can also buy direct from their website. Their wrought iron security doors are available in the three standard sizes of 30 inches, 32 inches and 36 inches wide. In addition all of the door measure 80 inches tall. These traditional wrought iron security doors are for those shoppers that want something traditional and functional, while also being beautiful at the same time.

October 11, 2008, 5:05 am

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