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Patio Security Doors

Patio security doors are a burgeoning field and Columbia hopes to lead all manufacturers. They have a number of patio security doors and patio screen doors that easily slide on a track and provide some security for the homeowner. The main difference between patio security door and regular doors is that these use a wire mesh screen to protect against intruders instead of steel bars.

Take for example the Columbia CM Architectural. This basic patio security door is a favorite among architectural firms and construction companies specializing in new homes. A two inch vinyl border surrounds an incredibly small wire mesh screen that covers the entire door. This border protects the internal screen and stops intruders from pulling off the screen. The top of the door adjusts to fit several different doorframes from 78 inches tall to nearly 81 inches tall. The bottom has nylon wheels that let the door slide open easily without any of the sticking that shoppers may find with other doors. The Columbia CM Architectural can be purchased in white or bronze and comes in three widths: 30”, 36” and 48 inches.

The Columbiamatic was created for those who want a very basic and plain or simple patio door because it contains minimal decoration. This door comes in three color choices: white, grey and bronze and also has three available sizes: 30”, 36” and 48”. Each of the doors measures approximately 80” in height. However the door can also be adjusted to fit patio doors of a smaller height, down to 75-5/8”. The upper part of the door slides up or down to fit different sized doorframes. The door can be arranged to slide open on either the right or the left. A two inch border surrounding the door keeps the wire mesh screen strongly attached to the frame.

The CM Supreme combines features found in a traditional steel security door with those found in a patio door. A wire mesh screen covers the backside of the door for those who want to see who’s coming before they answer the door. Two steel pieces of 1-3/4” intersect the middle of the door for even more protection. It also contains nylon wheels attached to the bottom of the door for easy sliding and maneuverability. The door can be hung solo or combined with another door for larger patio entrances. Shoppers will find that this one comes in three sizes: 30”, 36” and 48” wide and they have three color options: white, grey and bronze. The door can also be adjusted to fit a variety of door heights, from 78” tall to 80” tall. As with other patio security doors from Columbia, the CM Supreme can also be set up to slide to the left or the right.

The Titan from Columbia is very similar to the CM Supreme except that this patio security door is made entirely of vinyl instead of metal. A large two inch vinyl border surrounds the outside of the door and smaller pieces of vinyl cross near the middle of the door. The corners of the door are welded to provide additional strength and the vinyl is much easier to clean than the metal version. This one is also adjustable in terms of both height and the sliding of the door so that it slides to either the right or the left. The basic Titan patio door can be adjusted to fit doorframes of 78” tall to 80-3/4” tall, but the company realizes that some doorframes are taller than that. For those they’ve included the option of specially ordering the door in a larger size. The Titan is available in larger heights of up to and over 90” tall. The door comes in three sizes: 30”, 36” and 48” wide and is only available in the basic white vinyl color.

All of the patio security doors from Columbia share a few things in common. One is that they contain nylon wheels along the bottom, making all the doors sliding doors. These are perfect for those homes that have a sliding entrance to the patio, porch or backyard. These wheels are carefully laid out on a track that prevents sticking or sliding. One of the biggest complaints from shoppers is that their sliding doors get trapped or caught on the bottom of the track. This can be frustrating, annoying and at times it can even cause damage to the door itself. This problem doesn’t happen with the Columbia patio doors, which is just one reason why so many shoppers pick their doors.

Columbia is the leading manufacturer of patio screen doors and patio security doors. Their doors are available in a variety of different sizes, colors and styles to fit the needs of all consumers. They even include adjustable doors so those with taller than standard size doorframes can still find a product they can use.

October 11, 2008, 4:50 am

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