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Glass Security Doors

Glass security doors are one type of security doors that are becoming popular with shoppers and homeowners alike. There are actually two types of doors that fall under this category. The first is a door that is made primarily of glass, usually with an optional screen that can be used to replace the glass. The other type is a wood or steel door that uses glass as a window or decoration in the piece.

Take for example the FY 9779 from the Wuyi Feiyun Enterprises Company. This glass security door comes in two different sizes: 32” by 80” and 36” by 80” tall. It’s made of steel combined with PVC filling and coated in a vinyl skin that resembles wood. Those who want to use the door as an interior door can also opt for the all wood version of the door. A traditional bible cross door is changed slightly by the addition of two long rectangular glass windows at the top of the door.

The Colonial from Columbia Manufacturing Company is another option in the world of glass security doors. The door is available in three widths: 30”, 32” and 36” with all three sizes measuring 80 inches tall. It’s also available as a double door with the same height, but with widths of 60”, 64” and 72”. A process using galvanized steel is used to create the door and the process is done from one sheet of steel. It features a large kick plate at the bottom of the door then 15 glass lights above that. The back of the door contains a piece of glass that can be replaced with an optional steel screen.

Security Shield makes the security storm door that keeps customers coming back. For years the company was known for creating a variety of windows that deterred burglars, but they branched out into the world of doors including this type of glass security door. The door itself is made of vinyl, with an attached steel screen that lets the air in while also keeping out bugs. Customers can also grab the optional glass piece that slides over the back of the door for use during the colder winter months. It’s available in white in three standard sizes: 30” by 80”, 32” by 80” and 36” by 80”.

Secure-All is one of the leading manufacturers of glass security doors and one look at their catalogue explains how that happened. The company places a focus on glass security doors, with a sheet of glass used behind an intricately design piece of wrought iron. One of their more popular designs is the Amethyst. The door features diamond patterns in each of the four corners with vertical and horizontal pieces of wrought iron running across the top and bottom and on each side. They added a push bar to this design to create the Sapphire and added two additional vertical one inch bars to create the Diamond.

The Wilderness is another unique glass security door offered by this company. The door features a three inch wide push bar on the middle of the door that takes the pressure off the glass or screen. One inch pieces of wrought iron are then laid out to resemble a scenic mountain view. The Tuscany is another glass security door, though this one is easy to imagine on an old fashioned villa in Italy. The top of the door contains a one inch piece of wrought iron twisted to create an arched design.

Though the company makes a number of unique doors, they also have several options that are more traditional for those who want a traditional looking glass security door. The Full View is one option because it contains no design at all, only the glass piece. The Classic is another traditional looking door. It only contains a three inch wide push bar located on the center of the door and two vertical pieces of one inch wrought iron stretching from the top to the bottom of the door. The Bella Christi is a very similar door, except that instead of a plain push bar, this one contains a nice scrolled design. On the Abigail, they’ve taken the scrolled push bar and added similar wrought iron pieces to the top and bottom to create a great looking glass security door.

Glass security doors are a great choice for homeowners for several reasons. Most of these glass security doors allow homeowners the option of removing the glass piece and replacing it with a piece of steel or aluminum screen. During the winter months the glass keeps the cold air outside and in the summer months, the screen allows the air to come through. They also feature a nicely designed pattern on the front of the door that attracts the eye, but still allows protection from burglars and thieves.

November 30, 2008, 6:58 am

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