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Security Garage Doors

Security garage doors are one thing that many homeowners don’t think of until they absolutely need it. Studies have found that the garage is one of those areas that people neglect when it comes to home protection. They may use a security door on their entryway, an alarm system on their house, but leave their garage completely unprotected. A few select companies are hoping to change that by offering security garage doors and garage openers.

Garage door security means more than just using the right kind of door. It also means using accessories and lights that can deter a burglar in his tracks. The Fingerprint Keyless Garage Door Opener from Improvements…is easily one of the best features on the market. The opener has room to recognize a maximum of ten different individuals. They sensor remembers their specific fingerprint and will only open when one of those fingerprints is pressed on the keypad. While it sounds fairly high-tech, it’s actually pretty reasonably priced.

The Household Alert from the same company is another easy way to protect the garage or the house. This system contains a series of LED lights that literally pick up and recognize anyone or anything moving through the area. It emits a series of loud beeps and noises to alert the homeowner of a problem. The homeowner will also love having the option to turn off the system at specific times of the day or when they know they’ll be in the area.

This same company offers several different motion activated lights that homeowners can use near their garage. The Wireless Motion Activated LED Security Light, which runs on C batteries. Those who worry about running power to their garage or finding an extension cord can simply plug in a few batteries and this light is ready to go. When someone walks or moves in front of the light, the high powered light immediately goes on and stays on for 12 seconds. This gives the homeowner time to move and lets the thief know someone’s watching.

The 50-LED Motion Activated Solar Floodlight is yet another option that homeowners might like. This mounts directly over the garage door and gets its power from the solar panel attached to the light. The sun literally charges this up everyday, which eliminates the need for extension cords and power outlets. Shoppers can customize this one so that it shines for 15 seconds up to 60 seconds whenever someone activates the light.

Security garage doors are also made safer with the use of openers remote controls. These work by locking the garage door securely once closed and the only way they can be opened is by using the remote control. Shoppers can even purchase additional remote controls for everyone in the family or in case the original is lost. Additionally they can purchase controllers that have a keypad on the side of the garage door. The only way these security garage doors can be opened is by using a specific numbered code or by using the controller.

Chamberlain is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of protection for garages and garage doors. They make a number of different controllers and remote devices that allow homeowners to securely lock up their garage from up to 100 feet away. Customers will also find that the company makes a number of reasonably priced options and have many security products that are quite affordable.

Locmatic also makes several products for security garage doors including the Automatic Garage Door Lock. Made entirely of high gauge steel, this product can easily be installed by the homeowner without any costly professional help. It’s set up so that it locks automatically every time the garage door is shut and can be made to work with a separate remote controller.

Then there are the options in terms of security garage doors, which are available from garage door installers. Wood is a popular option because it can be painted or made to look like any type of design. Customers can also pick steel for their security garage door and this is the most popular option. The steel is significantly stronger and more durable than their wood counterparts and holds up well to daily use. Shoppers also have the option of choosing vinyl, which combines the best of wood and steel. There are also carriage doors that can be locked in the middle using a traditional lock and even decorative security garage doors. Homeowners have a lot of different options.

Anyone who thinks they’re being safe should take the time to look at their own garage. If they’re prone to leaving the area open or don’t have a proper lock, they should invest in a security garage door. This protects the homeowner, their vehicles and any possessions they keep in their garage on a daily basis.

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